Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've been tagged!

It looks like I've been tagged and here's how it goes. I'm suppose to use the letters of my middle name to describe myself.

D- I am DARN HOT! Though I could stand to use a few pounds, I've never once looked in the mirror and thought "Who is that fat lady". I prefer to say "Woo hoo more of me to love!" I am one hot mama!

E- I'm EXHAUSTED but totally in a good way. I love all those things and people in my life who make me such and wouldn't change a thing. I'm seriously if you had to be exhausted wouldn't you prefer that it be by these adorable faces!

A- I ADORE being a wife and mother. My family is my life and I love taking care of them.
N- I'm a NEAT freak (I personally would like to thank Lanae for this trait) I was never super worried about it until I lived with miss Lanae and she showed me the light. Now don't get me wrong, my home definitely looks lived in but I do keep a tidier house then I think I would have without Lanae tutelage. Thanks dear!
PS I tag miss Kira


Anaelay said...

Well I'm glad it rubbed off on someone, now if I could have some of it back!! Ahhh, the memories. Thanks Annie! I sure do miss our late night talks and dancing in the kitchen. Good times!

Zackira's said...

Thank you Annie!;) That made me think of all the times that we messed up the flour and sugar containers to see how long it would take Lanae to notice. Then we would mess up 1 or 2 slats in the blinds, it did slowly rub off on all of us.