Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome home visit

We had our welcome home visit for Jaxson yesterday. It's a service provided to all new moms in Wyoming where a nurse comes into your home and makes sure all it well. So my dear friend Dallas came and checked us both out. Sounds like we're both mostly good. She seems to think that Jaxson may have a hernia. She tells me its common and that it's a simple surgery to correct. To which my first reaction is, "SURGERY! AHHHH!" We still don't now for sure (we'll be asking the doctor about it on Friday) but it sure scares me to death. Here we have this perfect little baby who may need some help and I'm a bit worried. So here's hoping and praying that he doesn't need the surgery but we'll keep you posted.
Other then that all is well. Trace has finally, it seems, decided to get back on the perverbial potty wagon. Which, might I add, is a huge blessing. And Kena is Kena, ever active and as cute as a button. What a lucky lady I am!

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Laurie said...

Good luck little buddy! I hope that it turns out to be nothing serious.