Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"You so lucky"

This morning Trace came in and said "Mommy, you so lucky!"
"Why is that?", I asked
"You so lucky for me!"
What a cute kid, and smart too! We are so lucky though. We have happy, healthy kids and a great job. Cory came home yesterday and informed me that we are getting a signifigant raise because his manager is proud of him and the work he's been able to do. That means in the time that we've been here our pay has been increased 3 times, and always it seems when we need it most. And so I say again, "We so lucky!"

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Kira said...

My favorite part is that every time you talk about Cory's job you refer to it as our job. That is sooo true, like he could do it without you. Oh and by the way did he give you a raise? XOXO, Kira