Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Boy

So it goes without saying that we love Jax. Who wouldn't love that adventurous little boy with a mischievous grin and a rock in his pocket. So this year I'd like to share with you the 3 things that I love about Jax that are sort of random but it's the little things we remember right? So here's to my Big Birthday Boy. I love you buddy!

Now here's the 3 lesser known things I love about Jax:
1. I love that Jax sleeps with his tushey in the air. It's so funny to me and looks incredibly uncomfortable, but this is how you will ALWAYS find him, tushey up and arms folded. Note the blanket. This is his Bob Bob. He is never without it, and if we happen to get away from home for the night without it, chaos ensues. The best part is that it isn't even his blanket (or wasn't at least). I was given to me as a gift in college from a roommates mom, but it never saw much use until Jax came along.

2. Jax loves his brothers and sister, but he has a special spot for Kena. If I say "go play" the first person he runs to is Kena (who he affectionately calls Lynn, by the way, even though no one else uses that nick name). Perhaps it's because they're only 16 months apart in age, or maybe its the fact that he's the only brother that will let Kena dress him up and comb his hair, but these two share a special bond and it warms my heart. If you're looking for Jax, you can be almost sure that he's doing something with his big sister!

3. I love how random my little guy can be. In this picture we're at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake and there are several things I'd like to point out. First the shirt. Notice that the top button is undone. This is the first (and only) time in the entire life of this shirt that he's allowed me to leave it undone. He's very particular about it and I'm not quite sure how I got away without it being done. If we leave it undone he'll come running out of his room and say "you missed one!"
I also love the hat. We go through phases with Jax where he won't leave home without it. This was one of those times. He wore it the entire day and refused to take it off.
I also love the marker in his hand. He was so excited to see that they had markers to color with instead of just crayons. Every couple of seconds he'd stop and tell me how cool is was that they had markers or how we should have markers at our house. You can't see it in this picture, but by the end of our trip he had red and black on his face...hence the no markers at our house.
He's the first child I've had whose had such a mind of his own and I love him for it. He knows what he wants and he works til he gets it!


balloongal said...

One or both of my kids would sleep that way, too. I love it. Of course I've been known to get in that position once or twice myself while sleeping.

Marianne said...

Sarah used to sleep that way too. She always had her bottle tucked up under her arm.

Jax is so adorable! Your children are beuatuful but not just outwardly. You are raising them with such live and you let thembe themselves! I admire you greatly!

Zackira's said...

I love that boy too, full of enerfy and love!