Monday, August 2, 2010

Another first!

Trace and his spoils. I figured that with inflation a dollar was appropriate!

So happy to have a gap!

My mommy firsts just keep adding up! I got to be tooth fairy for the very first time last night. My big boy Trace has been working on that darn tooth for nearly 2 weeks. Yesterday before church he asked me to put a string around it and was so disappointed when I wouldn't (does any one else get queasy thinking about pulling teeth?). But all his hard work paid off. As we pulled into our parking space at church I hear a shout from the back seat "MY TOOTH IS OUT!!" He was so proud he walked around the whole building telling anyone who would listen. What a cute kid.


balloongal said...

My dad doesn't get queasy at all about pulling teeth. Then again, he doesn't do it with a string, but with special tools for just that purpose.

Zackira's said...

I see it all the time. My dad pulled my last one with plyers. Better hide this post from him, he will be a reader soon!

Hadley Family said...

We just had this first at our house too (for Nathan that is). I'm with you, don't make me pull teeth. ick!