Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family Vacation - Day 1

For those of you familiar with Fablehaven, apparently the Demon Prison isn't in the Bermuda's in Nevada!

Trace was very distraught that no P's were allowed in Vegas!

Jaxson playing in the small sprinkler watering the bushes on the temple grounds.

Trace was sure that this tree was a really big pineapple.

A pretty humming bird, just chillin' in a tree and getting out of the sun.

My eternal family! Plus a very pretty fountain.

The house of the Lord.

Yesterday we arrived in California, road weary and exhausted, but we had some fun getting here. We stopped in Las Vegas to visit the temple (and only got lost once!). I'd always had the impression that Vegas had a very plain looking temple, boy was I wrong. It's beautiful and we enjoyed walking around and exploring someplace new and beautiful. Please enjoy some of our pictures.

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bunchocoffeys said...

Looks like fun! The Vegas temple is a bit of a ways away from I-15, huh? Can't wait for more pics!