Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 2 - Hollywood and the Beach

We went to a shopping center called Hollywood and Highland. They had an incredible view of he Hollywood sign. Not to shabby. Plus it was right on the walk of fame and next to the Chinese theater.
The kids really wanted a picture with the "Heaven Dogs" outside the theater. Mason couldn't take his eyes off of them.

We felt like it was very appropriate for them to have their picture taken with the Munchkin star.

The kids with Godzilla. After walking the stars we decided to drive down Santa Monica Blvd to the pier and have some time at the beach. Imagine our surprise when we drove past...

the LA Temple. Very pretty indeed.

At the Beach! Jaxson loved the water and mommy forgot to pack bathing suits. Oops. But it didn't stop him. At one point he even did a nose dive into the water. He was soaked and loved every second of it.

Trace and Kena enjoyed building sand castles.

Mason wasn't really sure how he felt about the sand. He started the afternoon sitting in the towel and crying when the sand got near him (which was awful because he kept dumping shovels full of it onto himself!) but eventually he warmed up to it, scooted off the towel and played. He cam home with enough sand in his diaper to make his own private beach in Mountain View!
Jaxson chasing waves. Did I mention he loved the water?

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