Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A happy Mothers Day

By and large Mothers Day was awesome. Cory took the kids to church so I could get some rest, and they gave me the most beautiful wall hanging and the book Daughters of God by Elder Ballard. After church Cory made tasty bacon cheddar filled burgers and hot dogs for dinner and it was wonderful (and tasty)! Then he did dishes, could I ask for anything more! It is good to be loved!

I'm so greatful to be a mommy. I have amazing kids and an amazing husband. I'm greatful for my own Mommy. She was such an amazing example of what a mom should be. I miss her so much, but I'm so blessed to know Heavenly Fathers plan and that I will get to be with her again soon!

The little loves who made me a Mommy!

My beautiful wall hanging. It says "Family: the center of life's meaning"
My book, which is a really good read by the way.


Marianne said...

Oh Annie, your little loves are SO adorable! I am glad you are so happy and that you found such a good man in Cory.
I laughed when you said that your Mom did the warm oil for ear aches too! I've done that with my own kids and they think I am crazy but they don't complain!

Gena said...

Yep, put me on the warm oil bandwagon and trace it to Helen. I think we're all blessed to have had the awesome women in our lives that we've had. Your babies are beautiful and I have a really hard time with how big they're getting! Give them all, especially your hunky Cory, our love.

bunchocoffeys said...

That pic with the four of them is adorable! Lots of love!

StarkFamily said...

I love that wall decoration! Cory did a great job picking that out!

Jalyn said...

Too Cute!!!