Thursday, April 2, 2009 full force!

I've been nesting like a mad woman! Poor Cory has been so good to put up with me and he hauls things to the shed and the garbage. I've made him clean out all our closets, re organize books, even clean the kitchen floor. And through it all he smiles and says he still loves. He even takes time out to rub my back and feet. Did I mention I have an amazing husband!

Today was very productive and I thought I'd share a picture. We've put all the older kids in the same room until baby is sleeping through the night, and then we'll move Kena back to her room; but until then it will be baby's room. We got his drawers all cleared out and clothes put away for him. Then we set up the new bassinet that Cory's co-workers gave to us. The kids were super excited to have a bed for the baby. I finally feel ready for Baby to be here...or at least until I get a nesting kick again, and then who knows what I'll find to do!

Just as a side note, this pircture was to cute not to share. Jaxson was drinking ranch dressing at lunch and it was hilarious!


Marianne said...

Can it really only be 42 days?! You are wise...get it all done now! Trace and Kena are cuter than ever! That's a nice bassinet too!

OK, who took Jaxon and put Col. Saunders in his high chair?!!

Anaelay said...

Yah for you!! I'm so glad you feel put together. Kena's paint job is darling. Did you do that? What a fun adventure for you. I really wish I was closer and could help out. I know even coming to visit would be better that what I've done. I do think of you often and look forward to getting together again. Good luck with everything and everyone!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Your going to love that bassinet, anya has one, it was so handing while they are little, has the changing thing on top and everything, Well at least the ranch dressing must have tasted good,Probably tasts a whole lot better then butt cream, I stopped by anyas the other day to give her something, and I noticed white stuff all over and in connors mouth and anya goes oh my goodness he found and got into the Butt cream, and was eating it LOL, she could not belive he had gotten into that, at least he didn't get sick from it, thank goodness.

bunchocoffeys said...

YUM! Smart kid! Glad you're all ready, we're ready to meet him!