Friday, April 17, 2009

My amazing VT's!

This morning started out just a bit on the rocky side. Kids were tired, I was tired, tempers were short, and we were all a bit cranky. But fear not, hope was not lost!
Enter Jamie and Tonya, my amazing Visiting Teachers. At noon I got a phone call asking if I'd made lunch yet, to which I replied "" I was then instructed not to. No more then 5 minutes later they were at my door with frozen pizza for my kids, and some company (in the form of Paige and Wes) to entertain them. We sat and visited while the kids ate and then the real suprise came. My sweet VT's cleaned my bathroom SPOTLESS (I don't think it's been that clean since we moved in) and washed my dishes, and then to top it all off, they got down on their hands and knees and scrubed my kitchen floor, something my ever expanding belly has prevented me from doing for weeks now.
I've had some good visiting teachers in the past, but Jamie and Tonya truly exemplify the calling. They are amazing sisters who I'm glad to say are also my friends. So here's to you girls. You're amazing and incredible and if I didn't say it enough...THANK YOU!!!


Jalyn said...

AMAZING! Can you tell them how to get to my house?!

What a blessing.

Jay-Dad-Grandpa Black said...

Isn't the Gosple wonderful? What would we do without good Brothers and Sisters?

Elizabeth said...

WOW!!!! THAT'S SO GREAT!!! I've had some life-saving visiting teachers before; aren't they the best?

Edwin & Tamara said...

Wow Send them this way, I think a few of the VT here have forgotten how to do some of those things I have not had a VT in my home now for 8 month or more, and have not had any home teachers for 3 years how sad is that?

Helen Ellsworth said...

I am so glad you have good Visiting Teachers. Wish I was close so I could do something for you. You said the baby is coming on the 30th. Does that mean you are having a caesarian or are you just psychic? Love to all of you. Grandma loves you all so much.

Grandma Helen

Gena said...

I'm so glad they were there for you! It's just the thing to brighten your day and realize how blessed we are. You take care of yourself and the rest will follow. We're particular to the 30th this month, it being Emily and Allison's 17th birthday. It's a good time of year for deep seeded memories. We'll definitely be thinking of, and praying for, you!