Monday, April 27, 2009

My Blessings

I'm sitting here, watching my beautiful children playing blocks (nicely for a change) and counting my blessings. I have a wonderful little family. My Kiddo's have their moments, but they are amazing kids, full of love and life! They love each other (which makes me so happy) and for the most part play well together.
We'll be adding another little bundle to the crowd in just 3 days and I've been so blessed to have a trouble free pregnancy. In fact, it's just been the last couple of weeks that I've been truly uncomfortable. I'm so excited to meet him and hold him. Mason is going to be a great addition to our family.
Then there's my amazing husband. Cory is a God send to me and I don't think I can even express how much I love him. He's been incredible this pregnancy, helping around the house and dealing with the emotional me. He is my best friend and I will eternally indebted to my Heavenly Father for placing him in my life.
And did I mention we live in an awesome place! Our little valley may be small, but the people here are beyond incredible. I feel so loved and blessed by our ward. In sacrament meeting yesterday I had 4 people tell me they'd be willing to take our kids should I go into labor before Thursday, and 3 more offered to bring in meals. Our yard flooded a couple days back and we called our bishop for advice about the irrigation ditch and he told Cory yesterday that if we hadn't gotten it under control he would have gone to the head gates himself and shut it off for us. This ward is full of incredible people who genuinely care about each other and we are blessed to be a part of it.
All in all I am a blessed woman. I feel that to often I do more complaining then thanking, so I just wanted to take a second and say I am blessed!


Jalyn said...

Beautifully said and I agree! I am truly blessed and ought to say it more often! Thanks for seting such a good example for us all. I love you!

Marianne said...

Gratitude is what it is all about Annie! I love you so much! I wish I could come be with you to help you at this time. So, his name will be Mason? Cute! Let us know how it all goes. You'll be in my prayers!

Jay-Dad-Grandpa Black said...

I hope you are happy, making an old man cry. Your not the only one with great kids. I pray that every thing goes well on Thur. and bring a new life into the world. Check him close for your moms finger prints. LOVE DAD

Elizabeth said...

Annie, you are an inspiration to everyone and have given service to lots of others in your turn. You are an awesome example of positivity at the end of pregnancy!!

By the way, maybe it's weird, but I'm wondering if I could try some diaper patterns I'm trying to decide about on Mason's little bum... ? Maybe? It's so hard to tell what seems bulky or not when I don't have a newborn yet! :)

tami said...

annie we are all blessed just to have you in our lives your an amazing mother (just like your mom) and an amazing sister-in-law we love you so much that i couldnt imagine you not being in my life. life itself is a true blessing. dont mean to make you cry
love ya

Helen Ellsworth said...

Dear sweet Annie; I am sitting here thinking of you. You are probably already at the hospital and I want to know what is going on so much. I know all will go well. I am also thinking Of Sharon. The time has gone by so fast since she was taken from us. I like to picture Sharon and Grandp, Grandpa and Grandma Black and so many others all gathered there, right at this moment having a litle get-to-gether , to say goodby and send Mason on his way. What a beautiful picture that would make. So this day I am sad and happy at the sane time. I am thinking of all of you right now and hoping the day is one that you are all enjoying your memories. Never let them go. They are what you have left. There is a really nice saying I read somewhere that says, "To take grief away takes love out of life."That is probably not exactly the way it goes but you understand, I hope. I love you and will be waiting anxiously to hear how it goes. God bless you and keep you. Love Grandma

dear, sweet Anni

Gena said...

You said it all. If nothing else in the world goes right our family is all that matters. And boy do I love having you around! You've always been a joy. I know you've probably already brought Mason into this world and I hope we hear all about it soon. Take care of each other, let people help out while you can, and hopefully the flood will recede soon (darn water guy!).