Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's my big strong man!

Cory is still plugging along with his Masters Degree and will be done this Spring. I'm so darn proud of him and everything he does for us. He works a full time job (45+ hours a week) and does school full time. Not to mention that he is the ward financial clerk and an amazing father. It never ceases to amaze me at how well he balances everything that he has on his plate. He works so hard for our family and for me and I just don't think I say it enough, I have a big strong AMAZING man in my life, and I love him!


dad said...

A loveing family makes it easier to work hard. Be sure to let him know how you feel real often. As Pres. Monson said this our only chance here on earth and we don't know how long we have Use our time well!!!! DAD

Marianne said...

GO Cory!! Deeis working on the five year plan for Master's degrees :p It looks like he'll be done this spring...maybe! (to his credit, he does work 60+ hours!) Cory you are amazing. Thanks for loving our Annie!

Gena said...

Steve and I both have been considering the Master's track also. Cory is indeed a hard worker and a great family man. I'm SO glad you have each other.

As for your last post I think the best thing for music is to go by your gut. Kids need to be treated like they understand things. I'll not bore you here but I'll write a quick e-mail. Not a lot of snazzy things but things that helped me.

I love your blog and I love you!!

Elizabeth said...

And I'm sure he appreciates you recognizing his effort!!