Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Healthy baby

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is looking good. I've kept my weight gain low and I'm feeling really good. Baby has a nice strong heartbeat and the only down fall is that I'm 24 weeks and measuring like I'm 33 weeks. Looks like I'll have more "is it twins?" comments this time around, but after 3 other big kids what else is new right!


tami said...

oh poor annie im sorry. but i guess thats what you get when your a big baby lol.'love you

ok that was not saying your a big baby rather when you were born u were big lol

Marianne said...

Annie, I just saw an add for a product called, "Bella Band". It is meant to give your tummy support and save your back during pregnancy. It also helps keep your pants up!
I don't know how good it is but you might want to look at the sight. They have some interesting things.
We can blame your Mom for the "Short Gene"! Where else does poor baby have to grow but OUT!
Keep your chin up...and your pants!

Elizabeth said...

OOoooh 33 weeks ?? Do you have extra fluid or is the baby just big? At least the bigger they are the more healthy they tend to be, right????

I'm glad you're doing well.