Friday, September 19, 2008

Recent Happenings

The last 2 weeks have been hard for our little family. We've had Cory out of town for the majority of it and it's been busy. But we've had some good times as well! Here's some pictures.

This is Kenadee dancing with Colt and Cash (the twins I watch)

Jaxson has become our climber and these are some of his favorite locations. The first is him finishing Kenadee's dinner this evening, and the other is him in the basket UNDER his high chair. We've also found him on our countertops, and on top of the TV. Yes you heard me right, the TV. Who know's how we're going to survive him!
Trace has been loving school and everything that goes with it. He's been making pictures and playing in the water table, but his all time favorite thing to do is ride bikes outside. He thinks school is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's been a little quiet around here without him, but I'm glad he's getting to be a big boy and experience such fun new things.


Helen Ellsworth said...

Sweet Annie I just read your blog and got a lot of joy from it. And the pictures are so cute. Wish I could be close to enjoy my great grand kids. Especially Jaxson. I haven't seen much of him. The last time I saw him he won a piece of my heart and it appears he is still quite a boy. We enjoyed our visit with Cory while he was in Denver. Hope it can happen again. Maybe you and the little ones can come next time. I love you all so much


tami said...

oh girl riley does the exact same thing he gets on the table 5 times a day dang kid i agree the house is much quiter when ryan is in school riley usually lays back down when i take him to the bus and falls back asleep so i have hours of peace and quiet. i love it.

Marianne said...

Is the T.V. bolted down?!!!

Maybe he'll fall asleep up there like the cats on America's Funniest Videos and then tumble off! Hope not!

Gena said...

You know what, it sounds hectic and crazy but fun at the same time. Do you find yourself being exasperated and frustrated but trying not to laugh and encourage the behavior? You sound terrific and the kids are gorgeous!