Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

It was a wonderful weekend (it's always nice to have Dad around for some extra time). We started the weekend by taking advantage of the few warm days we have left this summer. We filled up an old water cooler and let the kids go to town. They got SOAKED but it was so much fun.

Saturday morning we got up and the kiddo's helped Daddy make Grandma Helen's hotcakes. When I first met Cory he'd never had homemade panckakes before. I made Grandma's recipe for him once and he's never gone back. This is quickly becoming and tradition for us, kids on table and all!

Sunday we did church and some much needed relaxation time. We had an awesome lesson about families and our responsibilities toward them. It was awesome.

Monday was another cold and lazy day (our high that day was 42! BRR) So we played inside. we bought some sponges that were inside capsules and the kids got to "hatch" them. they had so much fun. We also baked cookies and got sick off cookie dough! What a great weekend. I'm am so incredibly blessed with wonderful and amazing children and a loving and supportive husband. I couldn't ask for anything more (except maybe a second bathroom, but that too will come right!)


Gena said...

I love it when a family can have so much fun together doing sweet and simple things. You and Cory are great parents and your sweet babies are lucky to be in your family. Love you!

Zackira's said...

I would like to know where my birthday cookies(including frosting) are?!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Enjoy every momment you can while they are young, cause they grow up so fast.
Your a wonderful mother and a great example, And cory you are a wonderful father and a great provider for you family,
Ejoy your family and your togetherness, you guys just always look like you are having so much fun.

Marianne said...

You've got it right...but you always have. Family is THE most funof all! I have always made Mom's "hotcakes" (as she calls them) too. They're the best. Does Cory have the recipe memorized yet? I do!

Love you!