Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let the pixie dust fly!

The top 5 Disney characters that I relate to are (in no particular order)...

1. Elliot – Do you ever feel like all anyone ever hears you say is Waa Waa Waa waa waa waa!

2. Marlin – I’m a bit of a worry wart but it’s all because I care about my kids. And I’m learning to let go a bit.

3. Wall-e – Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class, need I say more.

4. Chicha- She spunky and handles her children well. She’s also sooo in love with her hubby and I completely concur.

5. Mary Poppins- Practically perfect in every way! Hehe not really but close!


Gena said...

It is so fun to see what people are coming up with! We played a game at YW's last night with the Laurels where they had to guess things in different catagories. We went on forever on Disney films. There have definitely been many characters to choose from. Yours are so good! I love ya'!

Kory&Heather said...

Annie, I love this! I tottally
identify! you rock!

Helen Ellsworth said...

Annie, your idea of yourself and Disney characters is so clever..I loved reading it. Hope you are having a terrific day.

Love you Grandma

Zackira's said...

You are to, practically perfect in every way.

Marianne said...

Don't we ALL feel like Wall-E some days?! Well done!

Edwin & Tamara said...

I think Mary Poppins describes you to a T.

Or the movie cheaper by the dozen LOL