Monday, January 21, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes!

Trace has been saying prayer and has started to inject little bits of his own. For instance, last night when I said "Bless the Prophet" he added, "and the Bishop too". Very cute. Well tonight he did it again and it was hilarious. I said, "Bless the missionaries to find people to teach." and he added, "and Spiderman too!" What a cutie!


Laurie said...

In our lunch prayer today Anna said, "and please bless mommy to be more patient with Anna and Kate." Goodness! Sometimes their prayers are really telling us something!

bunchocoffeys said...

Lol, I love it. Spiderman needs blessings too! Super heroes aren't invincible, you know.

di said...

love that boy! we miss you! don't i tell you that every comment i leave??? listening to little prayers is one of the best parts about being a parent!