Saturday, January 12, 2008

How to cure Playdoh ear and other such ailments

So folks, it seems these days that I am becoming an expert in the removal of foreign bodies from the various parts of toddlers. That's right, my son has done it again. Only this time it meant a trip to the ER in Evanston. Trace once again got handy, and while I was feeding Jax, decided to put some Playdoh in his ear. I managed to get most of it out but there was some that was just to far down there for me to feel comfortable extracting on my own. Turns out though that a little bit of water in his ear did the trick. That's right, $50 to have a professional put some warm tap water in his ear, add a bit of cotton, and tell us to take him home and put him in the tub to remove the rest. You see Playdoh is water soluble (should have guessed) and will just dissolve. What fun. The nurses did get a kick out of Trace. He marched right back to the room all by himself, carrying his own chart of course. He then proceed to tell the nurse just which ear he'd stuck it in, as well as the fact that he'd done it "just cause." I thought they'd die of laughter. What a kid.


Laurie said...

Heaven help you. He's a crazy kid, but cute for sure. Where are you going on vacation in July?

di said...


Anaelay said...

Thanks for sharing. Now we'll know for next time, how much do we owe you?