Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The things that make me Thankful!

Having just wrapped up Thanksgiving, I've been thinking about what makes me thankful. There's the obvious big things like family and health, but I'm thankful for the little things as well. I'm thankful for my sweet nephews who kept my children occupied this last weekend so that I could visit with my Dad, brothers, and sisters. They took them outside and buried them in leaves and played with them for 5 days straight. What awesome kids!

Then there's my own sweet children and my nieces children who decorated a Christmas tree for my mom. They took turns putting ornaments on the tree and nobody fought or bickered over turns. It went a million times better then I thought it would. Again just a little thing that made things much easier on me.

I was grateful for the opportunity to visit my Mom. This was the first time that I've been able to go back and see her and I was really worried that it would be painful. But it was actually comforting. There was a spirit there that made it all better. I'm grateful for the gospel that helps me to know that she is still there.

All it all my Thanksgiving was incredible. It was so good to see everyone and visit with family and friends.

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di said...

we miss you tons! yikes! i just heard a crash!