Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Animal Season has begun!

About an hour after I wrote that last blog Cory and I were watching TV and started to hear a strange noise on the front porch. It sounded like someone raking leaves on cement. So I decided to see what it was. I pulled back our blinds only to find myself nose to nose with a deer, literally. He was looking right in our window along with 4 of his closest friends. I almost had a heart attack and Cory thought I'd wake the kids with my scream. I think I scared them worse though, he looked like a deer in the headlights, hehe!

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di said...

in boulder--where i grew up--it was so common for us to see deer on a daily basis. we would often have babies born in our yard. what a wonderful thing for your children to experience. that is something that i am sad that my kids won't experience. so, i have not announced it on my blog--and won't for a while--but we are pregnant! yay! don't post anything about it on mine--thanks!
xox. di