Monday, November 5, 2007

Furry Friends

This evening I noticed that a LOT of cars were driving by our house and taking pictures of it. Odd I thought, considering that our home is just your run of the mill house, blue and white with some trees and grass. Nothing to spectacular. Maybe they were admiring my beautiful fall door wreath, or taking in the splendor of our half naked apple trees. Interesting I was thinking to myself as I opened my front door and came face to face with...

Mike and Mary (As Trace has named them) our dear friends that we met last year when Mike was just a wee thing (probably the size of a small horse) and Mary almost charged Cory for taking a picture. We learned fast that here in our cul de sac we'd be sharing space with our furry friends (deer, moose, the occasional skunk or squirrel, and a touch of porcupine). Little did we know we'd get to know them up close and personal. Maybe next time we'll invite them in for hot cocoa and a nice chat with friends!

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