Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let play catch up, starting with a road trip!

The first part of November, Cory had to make a business trip to Gillette. By business trip, I mean he had to drive 7 hours, to work for 2 hours, and the drive home. We figured that since I've wanted to see more of the state, and it was such a long drive for such a short time, maybe we'd all just join him! What follows is the tale of our adventure.
Seven hours in a car with 5 kids sounds a bit nightmarish, am I right? But in all honesty it was a very pleasant trip. We started about 3 in the afternoon and made it all the way to Casper before we stopped for dinner!
Trace loves the car, so it was no surprise that he loved the whole trip. He even let his sister sleep on his shoulder that evening when things got long and late.
Mason was happy, so long as he had a cup full of snacks in his lap (or in his face!). He loved his time in the play place at Mc Donalds in Casper, and he was awake the ENTIRE trip. On the bright side he slept well that night!
I'm not sure what Liv was thinking in this shot. Probably something along the lines of "Mom why is that thing in my face and flashing bright lights at me?" She was happy until just outside of Gillette. What a trooper!
And the buddies! They travel so well together, and they love to play and sing while we drive. It definitely makes trips easier on this momma!
I loved the trees growing out of the rocky crags just outside of Muddy Gap. Say what you will about Wyoming, but it really does have some beautiful landscape.
Martins Cove

This picture was taken on the way to Gillette. We stopped on the way home, and boy howdy was it cold. It was windy and maybe 30 degrees (at least we weren't the people pulling handcarts through a river crossing that day!). It really was an awesome place though and you could really feel the spirit there. It was also a blessing that we ended up stopping, because we would have hit our ground blizzard between Rawlins and Rock Springs, and well, that would have been bad. But that story will follow.
Independence Rock. Not nearly as big and impressive as I'd expected. More like Independence Bump. :)
And here we are FINALLY in Gillette. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, and the kids got to swim (which they loved), but while Daddy was working we found a park to play at. It was 50 something degrees, which was balmy considering it was 30 at home. We found a great park just a few minutes from the hotel, and we actually ended up being there most of our trip. We would have spent more time in the pool, but about 5 seconds after the kids got out, they put up a "closed for maintenance" sign and wouldn't let us in. And every time we asked they'd say "it should be up again in an hour or so. So we left a day early to head for home, in a hopes of avoiding the snow.
These are some more park shots. Trace loved the spinney leaves. You sat on them and centrifugal force kept you spinning.
You can't really see it in this shot, but Kena got an adorable bob haircut while we were there. It's so much easier to care for and she looks awesome.
What more can I say. Who wouldn't love that face!
After our stop in Martins Cove the weather took a turn for the worst, and about 10 miles north of Rawlins we hit, what we here in Wyoming like to refer to as, a ground blizzard. We got a small about of powdery snow, followed by a TON of wind. Put the two together and you get roads that you can't see and limited visibility. It's the only time that I've ever had to use the deliniators to know where the road was, and if there hadn't been a truck in front of us with bright break lights, we may have had a much harder time. It took nearly 45 minutes to get into town. It was a blessing to be just out of Rawlins. There's not anything between Rawlins and Rock Springs and we would have been forced to keep going!
We got a hotel again for the night and thought "well at least we'll have a pool to spend our evening in!" To bad there pool was under construction too. Oh well. We did enjoy our time as a family though. It was a fun trip and we got some real quality time together. All in all I'd call it a success!

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balloongal said...

I love family road trips so Daddy doesn't have to drive all that way for work by himself. We take our annual trip to Monticello for Jeremy to do balloons at the San Juan County Fair, but we get to go in the Summer.