Sunday, December 11, 2011

Catching up...Thanksgiving.

This year for Thanksgiving, we went and played in NM. I love this shot of Cousin Christopher. I thing one of my kiddos took it. So cute!
Miss Olivia with Grandpa Black. We had a good time with Grandpa and Grandma Jewel. We played a fun new dice game, ate TASTY food, and the kids had a blast rolling down Grandpa's hill on his Wheely Cars. Did I mention the 4 wheeler rides? It was awesome.
These next shots are from our trip to the Farmington Children's museum. They had a whole area of hands on play, and its were we spent 90% of our time.

There was a special baby area and Liv loved it. She especailly liked this ball. Lucky she's getting some for Christmas!

Another good shot with Cousin Chris. It really was a fun and wonderful trip. Thank you so much to Eileen and Ernie for letting us invade their space and play!

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