Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!

Look at all that hair...what a cute kid!

Still such a sweet kid!

Today Trace turns 6...can you believe it!? He's such a sweet helpful boy and I'm so grateful he's a part of our family. And now with out further ado, the 6 things we love most about Trace...

1. I love that Trace is adventurous. He's always happy to try new things, from eating daddy's seafood boil to his first day of kindergarten, nothing holds him back.

2. Kenadee loves that Trace is learning to read. This means that he comes home every night and reads his homework books to her. It's her favorite part of the day.

3. Jax loves that Trace plays with him. It's rare that we have to ask Trace to include Jax in his activities and those two genuinely enjoy each others company.

4. Mommy loves that Trace is such an awesome helper. It doesn't matter what it is, Trace is always the first and most willing to help at our house.

5. We love that Trace is thoughtful. He's very in tune with others and their feelings and is always the first to try to diffuse and argument. He's our own little peace keeper and I'm grateful for him!

6. And last but not least I love that Trace is a great friend. He makes friends so easily and can be friends with anyone. It's a great trait that I hope he never losses!


bunchocoffeys said...

Oh man, you're so right, he's such an awesome kid! Love him to death! I remember when we used to play with that hair when he was asleep. I don't remember there being that much though, wow! Happy Birthday Trace :)

Zackira's said...

I love that Trace calls me Aunt Kira. I always get a big hug from him too!

StarkFamily said...

Kayden says, "Happy Birthday Trace!!!!!! We need to play some more! Come over to my house and we will play!" Cute kids! Happy Birthday Trace!

balloongal said...

Oh, I love that he reads to his little sister. Nichole does that, too. Jr. gets so excited to be involved with Nichole's reading homework. I love it.
And I love your family.