Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A good weekend!

What a fun time we had. We went to St George this weekned for the sealing of my brother and his wife. It was a great time and just made me realize how much I miss my family. Here's some pictures of the fun we had. Hope you all enjoy!

Kena and Aunt Sveta enjoying popsicles.

Kena and Clarissa after a long day of playing!

Kena and Daddy
Trace and Cousing Christopher!
Jax watching the bubbles!


Marianne said...

I wish we could have been there! You all look so happy! Did you get any pictures at the temple? Love you! ~Aunt Marianne

Helen Ellsworth said...

The pictures are so nice. I enjoyed looking at them..I know you all must have had a great time. I am sure Sveta and Norman are ecstatic. It has been a long time coming. I miss you Annie and would love to see you now and then. I guess my days of being able to see everyone often is over. My life has really changed. I am just grateful for what I have had. Grandma

Jenni said...

Fun! I love St. George!

Gena said...

Hey, Hadley Handful, thank you for sharing the photos with us! It's hard to be so far away from everyone. I love the new do, I love the kitten (who would probably scare Charlie, our puppy, to death), and I love finally "getting" the whole blogging thing. I'm with Marianne, did you get any temple pictures? XO, Gena

Zackira's said...

I love those darling children I need to come see them and give them kisses!