Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Food Storage ROCKS!

About a year ago Cory and I had a Stake meeting in which our Stake President urged all of us to store water along with the food in our food storage. So over the course of the last year Cory and I have been refilling juice and soda bottles. Boy am I glad we did.
Last night we found that our crawl space had about half a foot of water in it. This was shortly after we discovered a lack of water pressure in our house. It turns out the water under the house is a ground water that has gathered there because the ground is so saturated. An easy fix with a pump. YAY!
The water pressure, however, is another story. It turns out that all the warm weather recently has caused a major run off. It became to much for our local water treatment plant and they will be shutting off the towns water for the next two days for repairs. Thankfully though, Cory and I have more then enough water to drink and wash things for that period of time. I am mighty greatful for our Stake President for being in tune with the spirit, and also very greatful that Cory and I were in tune enough to follow his advice.


Jenni said...

Nate & I really need to get working on our food storage.

Marianne said...

Dee and I always keep 2 liter bottles after we use them. We wash them and fill them with water and put them in the basement. I cannot tell you how many times I have turned on my faucet over the years only to discover that the city has decided to work on our line. "It should only be a few hours ma'am" !
"Thanks for the warning," I always think! I have washed hands, dishes, and even rinsed shampoo out of hair with our stored water...not to mention the toilet flushing factor! Good for you! You rock too!