Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yesterday afternoon we were enjoying a quiet time here in our living room, when we heard the sounds of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Strange since the radio wasn't on. Next thing we know there are 4 fire trucks and Santa in our neighborhood. the men at the fire station drove through town letting the kids get pictures with Santa (we couldn't get our camera to work so pictures will be coming at a later date) and passing out goodie bags! What fun.
Then for his anniversary present to me, Cory installed my new faucet; of course Trace was happy to help and was an excellent helper. He held the flashlight and tried his darndest to convince Cory that he need to look at the walls of the cabinets, not the sink.
Then last night we were able to get all the kiddos to sit still long enough for a picture. I've tosed in one of Trace and Jax just for kicks. Love you all and hope you have the most joyous of holidays! May we all remember the reason for the season. Love the Hadley Handful!


Zackira's said...

Oh my goodness, they are getting sooooo big. Happy Anniversary. I love you guys and Merry Christmas.

di said...

how fun is that!!!!!!!!!!!! this is your big month, huh? chalk full of celebrations! happy everything!
love you!
the Imans

Miriam said...

Wow, so I just started blogging and I discovered your site from Dan & Lisa's. Your family is so adorable. Happy New Year.

Miriam said...

Okay so I just realized that I completely forgot to introduce myself...this is Miriam Weinrich (Niemi, now that I'm married).