Thursday, December 20, 2007

The joys of motherhood!

Trace: Mom why are there holes in my nose?

Me: So you can breathe.

(5 minutes elapse as I do dishes)

Trace: Mom where's my raisin?

Me: I don't know where is it?

T: (Pointing to his nose) In there!

And so began raisin gate 2007. I spent the next half hour trying to keep a manic little boy to lay still long enough that I could fish a raisin out of his nose, and boy did he get it up there. I got to one point where I thought we'd have to call Cory home from pack meeting and head into the emergency room to have it fished out professionally. What fun it is to be a mom! I guess we'll just add this to the list of things we've had to dig out of Trace which also includes cardboard from his ear, and peas from his nose. I guess I better go, I just looked over and my son has stuck another raisin up his nose!...
(another 30 minutes)
OK the raisin has been extracted and all remaining raisins have been hidden. Have a wonderful Christmas and may it be raisin nose free!


bunchocoffeys said...

Oh man! What a kid! Just pray he didn't show Kena how it was done! :D

Zackira's said...

I wish I had been there I would have been rolling on the floor. Will you start recording this stuff?

di said...

i cannot control my laughter!!!!!!!!

Laurie said...