Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kenadee is 4...

Today my beautiful little girl turns 4! The time has flown and she's such a joy in our home and our life. Our family just wouldn't be the same without her darling dances and her sweet little voice. And now, as is the tradition, we'd like to share with you the top 4 things we love about Kena:
1. Kenadee is all girl. She loves Pink and Purple and anything frilly and ruffly. But she plays pirates and dinosaurs with the best of them! She's the perfect little girl!
2. Trace loves that Kena tells funny jokes. Knock knock are her favorites, by my personal favorite that she tells goes like this, "what do plants say before they start a race? Ready, Set, GO!" (the actual punch line is GROW, but we can't seem to get her to say it, no matter how hard we try) What a girl!
3. Kena sings. I love to hear here little voice ringing out in chorus's of ABC,Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or even Follow the Prophet. But by far my favorite by far is when she sings the new primary song from this year. There's something about hearing my little girl sing "I KNOW He lives!" that warms my heart.
4. Kena just loves. She's so good with her brothers and patient. She plays with them so well and loves to help with little Mason. She holds and rocks him, feeds him bottles, and just in general loves them all. I can't imagine our family without our little sunshine, Kenadee! Happy Birthday Doll!


di said...

she is beautiful! we miss you guys! next time you are in town we would LOVE to see you!!!!!!!

Marianne said...

It seems like four years went so fast!! She is a darling and you are so blessed!

balloongal said...

Yay! Happy Birthday.