Friday, March 5, 2010

My buddy and me!

Once upon a time there was a Mommy who loved all her children dearly. She had big kids and little kids and everything in between and they all made her smile. But she had one boy in particular who could make her smile even bigger then most.
Now this little boy was full of life and smiles. He loved to explore and discover (sometimes to the dismay of his mommy) and generally was a good kid. His favorite thing to do was to run into a room and throw his arms around necks and give big BIG hugs!
Sometimes his mommy found herself getting frustrated with this spunky little boy. You see the two of them were very much alike and occasionally that made them cranky with eachother. But on those days the little boy knew just how to make it better. He would run in while mom was making dinner, stand beside her saying "mom" over and over and over until Mommy, in frustration, would say "What!". Then that spunky, cuddly, happy boy would say "I just love you!" and run away. If that doesn't melt a mommy's heart I don't know what would!
And so this mommy just wants the world to know how much she loves her spunky monkey boy! He's my sweet Jax and he and I are going to live happily ever after!


JAY- JEWEL -DAD said...

A real pair to draw to. LOVE YA

balloongal said...