Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A fun weekend

Trace and I in the woolen mills building playing peek-a-boo!
I could not stop playing with this horsey! He was so bouncy just like me!

Aunt Kaela came too and she and Sister had a lot of fun on the swings.

We even talked Daddy into getting into the train with us!

This weekend we went to Salt Lake to get some last minute baby things done while Mommy is still able to walk! Mom and Dad drug us through several stores and we were sooo good. No one even cried! We went to this big baby store and Mom was in heaven looking at all the little stuff. She ewwed and ahhed until Daddy said it was time to leave (something about us getting restless, whatever that means!) Then they took us to a big store full of couches and beds. We got to pick a mattress for Traces bunk bed and it was lots fun. But the best part of our day came last. Mom and Dad decided that since we'd been so good in the stores that we could play at the park! We ran and jumped and played for a whole hour before being so tuckered out that we could hardly walk back to the car. We got to go to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa later that night and it sure was tasty food. The grown ups kept complaining about the wait, but we didn't mind. There were balloons and games! There was even a giant "Red Robin" who kept shaking our hands. It was so much fun that we can't wait to go back!


Marianne said...

Sound like so much fun Annie! Your kids ae the cutest! We love and miss you!

Zackira's said...

I love that you wrote it from the youngins' point of view. I am however sad that no one came to see me.

Jalyn said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait to come and get me some of that!!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Look like you had a very good time

StarkFamily said...

What a fun place to play! I'm sure you enjoyed the nice weather compared to Wyoming!