Thursday, July 10, 2008


Cory has always had them and we suspect that Kena might as well. However, this year our entire family has been faced with stuffy noses and itchy eyes. It's been AWFUL! Our neighbor has a cottonwood tree that just won't quit. For two weeks now we've had what can only be described as snow in July! It comes at us from all angles and our yard is starting to look like someone has been blowing up sheep! Sheesh, will it ever end!


tami said...

gee just when you thought u got rid of the snow

Marianne said...

Poor itchy eyes and noses! I sympathize with you. Our aspen trees do the same thing every April and my garage fills up with the fuzzy "snow"! I discovered the stuff makes me miserable! I have to vacuum it out of the garage because sweeping only makes it fly around more. :p

Edwin & Tamara said...

Nope I don't think that stuff will ever go away.
Remember that big cotton wood tree in the back yard by dads and by us. When we mow our grass it looks like a mager snow storm LOL
I feel for ya, it awful

Gena said...

We lived in a neighborhood in Lakewood that looked like it was snowing. Steve was tested and is allegic to ALL deciduous trees, cottonwood being the worst, of course. It's annoying to have to keep the windows closed and vacuum everything! Thankfully most of the cottonwoods around us, including the behemoth in our backyard, are male. Steve loves his Claritin!

Love, Gena