Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I miss her!

And its as simple as that. One year ago today was my mommies last day on this earth and I miss her. I thought a lot this week about the wonderful woman she was and is. She was always there to lend a shoulder to cry on and she always had a way of making things seem ok, even if they weren't. She was gentle, caring, and the best grandma. My kids loved her sooo much. It's been hard this week to explain to Trace that when we go to see Papa Black, Grandma won't be there. He keeps asking me if we can go to Heaven and see her. And the only answer I have is "of course!" Not today or tomorrow of course, but we do what we need to and we love eachother and I know we'll all get there. Let me tell you that is a day that I look forward to, when we can all hold and love and be together FOREVER! What a glorious plan our Father in Heaven has set up for his children.


Marianne said...

Dearest Annie, I miss her too! I haven't thought about much else today. It hurts still and it will for awhile yet.I shared some of my memories on my blog today if you want to read them. Love to you all! ~Aunt Marianne

Jenni said...

I know how you feel, Annie! My birth mom passed away in 2005. I lost contact w/ her in 2000 so I never did get to say goodbye to her.